Beauty and the Cowboy Beast - ebook

Beauty and the Cowboy Beast - ebook

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Rosalie Sanders is almost 18 and dreams of having her own family someday. While ready to find a husband, there are no prospects in her hometown. She loves to read and by chance, comes upon an ad in the local paper from a rancher in Wyoming. She doesn’t mean to get caught up in the whole ‘mail order bride’ business, but she is intrigued enough to send him a letter. To her delight, he responds with one of his own, and the two strike up a friendship and then a relationship.

Daniel Ward is a rancher who was disfigured by a horrific fire when he was a child. He never dreams he’ll find someone who’ll accept him because of the way he looks, so when he begins corresponding with a young woman, he’s thrilled.

When the two finally decide to meet, both are met with fears for the future. He worries that she will discover how ugly he is, and turn away from him. The test for Rosalie though will be if she can look past the scars and let her heart lead the way.


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After Hal left the room, Daniel looked at Rosalie. This was it. The moment for which he’d been waiting so long. He tried to control the butterflies bouncing around in his belly. “You are so very beautiful.”

She flushed and bit her lower lip. He hoped that was a good sign. “Th...thank you.”

He moved from his chair to sit on the ottoman at her feet. “No, thank you for coming. I wish I could express how happy I am that you were still willing to come after everything. I know I’m ugly, but am I too hard for you to look at?”

Rosalie’s head snapped up. Still biting her lip, she ran her fingers along the side of his face. Daniel shivered at the contact. It was the kind of touch he had always craved. Gentle, unsolicited, and loving.

Her eyes seemed to stretch deep into his soul. “I don’t think you’re ugly at all. Yes, you have scars, but they aren’t that bad. I think you’re beautiful.”

She seemed so sincere, not flinching at all. He put his hand over hers and held it to his cheek and blinked back the tears as she held her gaze. “I have waited my whole life for the woman who believed that. My mother used to tell me that she was out there, that I just had to be patient. I can’t believe I finally found you, and you’re a thousand times more amazing than I ever thought you could be.”

Tears welled up in Rosalie’s eyes. He wanted to reach out and kiss them away, but it was much too soon. He didn’t want to frighten her away. The silence stretched between them for several seconds, which felt like hours before she finally spoke. “Thank you for bringing us here. You have such a lovely home.”

“Would you like to see the rest of it?” he asked.

“Yes, of course, I’d love to,” she answered.

He stood, and assisted her to her feet. The way she looked at him so intently was both titillating and unnerving, but he loved it just the same. He hoped she felt as he did.

AuthorEllie Lynn

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