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Slightly Staked - ebook

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Lina Harker has discovered her grandmother's secret. She used to be a vampire. Now, Lina's greatest fear is that a remnant of that vampire DNA is lurking in her cells, waiting to reactivate. Yes, Dracula's lineage had been destroyed, but the 'what if's were too much to imagine.

Doggedly following the trail of two families that escaped the Van Helsing purge, she discovers that 'X' leads to Climax, Canada. She has her stakes, garlic and holy water ready, but when she arrives, nothing is as she expects.

Are vampires really living in Climax or has she completely lost her mind? She'd better figure it out before she sprouts a pair of fangs and a taste for O Positive. And before she stakes another innocent shop keeper.


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Markus rapped on the door to room twenty-six. “Miss Harker, may I have a word?”

She opened the door and Markus took a step backward. The strong scent of garlic smacked him in the face. He coughed as his eyes watered in protest. She’d hung three more bags of garlic in the doorway since breakfast.

“Miss Harker, the cleaning staff are complaining about the garlic smell in your room. I thought they were exaggerating, but clearly,” he pointed to the garlic hanging about the room, “they were not.”

She shook her head, red curls tumbling over her shoulders. “I like it,” she said. “I happen to think it’s good for my health.”

“Well it’s not good for the rest of us. Take them down. Keep one if you must, but the rest have to go.” He waved his hand toward the various bulbs of garlic stinking up the room.

Stepping aside, Lina pulled her hair into a ponytail and swept her arm in a sweeping arch. “If you want them down, you’ll have to remove them yourself.”

“Let me get this straight,” Markus said. He struggled to contain the smile threatening to overtake his face. In a minute, she’d realize what she just said. “You want me to come in to remove the garlic?”

“Yep,” she said. “I’m not...”

He could see the moment she realized that she’d just invited him into her room, thus destroying one of her so-called defenses. That old story about a vampire not being able to come in without being invited. “Fine by me.”

With one hand pinching his nostrils shut, he crossed through the doorway, reaching up to rip the garlic bags hanging from the door. With purposeful strides toward the window, he removed three more and then removed one of the two bags hanging over the bed. “If you want to keep that one over your bed for medicinal purposes, that’s fine, but these ten are going with me. I’ll dispose of them downstairs.”

Lina’s mouth hung open as she watched him handle the garlic. He looked at the bulbs in his hands and returned his gaze to her flushed face. “If you need more garlic for your ailments, I would suggest garlic tablets. Doctor Stein may be able to help you with that. His clinic is just around back of the village offices. Good day, Miss Harker.”

AuthorE.L. Smith

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